In order to create a good atmosphere of the venue and ensure the order of the summit, please observe the following items:


1. Attendees should comply with the relevant provisions, know the Conference Agenda, have a clear and definite understanding of meeting time, arrangements and requirements.

2. Please enter the meeting room ten minutes ahead of schedule and do not be late or leave early; Please turn your mobile phone to silent or vibration mode during the conference.

3. Formal dressing is required for all participants. Please wear the badge made by the committee during the conference. No access will be permitted to any meeting without the badge, please keep it well.

4. The organizing committee will distribute the meal tickets printed by the committee at sign-in desk (tickets are put in the badge). Please show your tickets when enter into the dining room. Please keep the tickets well.

5. The conference is equipped with simultaneous interpretation. The simultaneous interpretation equipment is separately hired for the conference. Please fetch the equipment by showing your valid documents such as your ID card or passport. Please return it to the distribution place after the conference.

6. For attendees stay in conference hotel, please check out before 12:00.